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The best restaurants to enjoy a relaxed meal in Catalonia

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Summer, the perfect time to discover new flavors

Summer is a wonderful time to enjoy the outdoors and good meals with family or friends. In Catalonia, there is a wide variety of restaurants that offer unique gastronomic experiences. Whether on the Costa Brava, the Pyrenees or the Costa Daurada, there are places for all tastes. In addition, in Barcelona there are also restaurants that open during the month of July for Catalans who decide to stay in the city. Below, we present a selection of the 5 trendy restaurants in Barcelona where you can enjoy a wonderful dinner in July.

Jiribilla: A new culinary proposal

El Jiribilla is a restaurant that opened a few months ago and has already become a landmark in Barcelona. With excellent cuisine and local products, the Jiribilla offers a unique gastronomic experience. Its chef, Gerard Bellver, has lived in Mexico for a long time and now combines Mexican flavors with fresh products from the local market. This restaurant is perfect for those looking to surprise someone with a special dinner.

Little Andaman: Flavors of India

If you are a lover of Indian cuisine, you cannot miss Little Andaman. This restaurant is the younger brother of Bembi and Rangoli and offers typical dishes from the coastal regions of India. With friendly and professional service, Little Andaman invites you to enjoy an explosion of flavors in a relaxed atmosphere. Located on Carrer Muntaner, it is a must-stop for lovers of Indian cuisine.

Flash Flash: The paradise of the truites

If you are a fan of omelets, the Flash Flash is the perfect place for you. This restaurant specializes in omelets and offers a wide variety of flavors and combinations. From Burgos rice sausage omelette to cappuccino omelette with onions and asparagus tips, there are options for all tastes. In addition, the Flash Flash also offers other dishes such as salads, burgers and rice dishes. It is a unique and perfect place for a different dinner night.

Batea: Top quality seafood

If you love seafood, Batea is the ideal place for you. Located in the heart of Barcelona, ​​this restaurant offers a selection of fresh and top quality seafood. With a menu that combines tradition and interpretation, Batea is a benchmark in modern seafood. In addition, it also offers a wide variety of cocktails to accompany your meals. Without a doubt, it is an excellent place to enjoy the best seafood in the city.

Pötstot: Inclusive cuisine for all

The Pötstot is a restaurant that stands out for its inclusive cuisine. It’s a place where everyone can eat everything, as it offers gluten-free and vegan dishes. Its concept of purist cuisine, gluten-free and without animal protein, is unique in the city. With a total commitment to the absence of traces of gluten and ingredients of animal origin, the Pötstot is perfect for those with special food sensitivities. It is an establishment that will break barriers and gastronomic stereotypes.

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