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The love relationships of the Spanish royal family

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A new stage for the Bourbons

Hormones are boiling in Zarzuela and the third generation of Bourbons is in full swing. The young members of the royal family have decided to put an end to abstinence, celibacy and sexual inactivity. After a quiet winter, summer comes and they have all found a partner.

Pablo Urdangarin and Johanna Zott

The first to find love was Pablo Urdangarin, son of Infanta Cristina, who has paired up with Johanna Zott, a student of Catalan Medicine. The couple lives together in Barcelona, ​​between Pablo’s Pedralbes flat and the Zotts’ family home in Esplugues.

Irene Urdangarin and Juan Urquijo

Infanta Cristina’s eldest daughter, Irene Urdangarin, has found love in Juan Urquijo, a Madrid aristocrat and brother-in-law of the mayor of Madrid. The couple are making plans for the future and seem very much in love.

Miguel Urdangarin and Olympia Beracasa

Infanta Cristina’s youngest son, Miguel Urdangarin, has conquered the heart of Olympia Beracasa, a Venezuelan multimillionaire. The couple is together and seems to be enjoying a stable relationship.

Victoria Federica and Albert Arenas

Infanta Elena’s daughter, Victoria Federica, has found love in Albert Arenas, a motorcycle rider from Girona. The couple has been seen together in Lleida and they seem to be very happy.

Carla Vigo and Javier Macías

Carla Vigo, Princess Elionor’s older cousin, is in love with a Catalan boy named Javier Macías, who is a soccer player in lower divisions. The couple is very excited and it seems that they have a promising future.

These are the love relationships that have emerged within the Spanish royal family. Although some people have doubts about the sincerity of these couples, the truth is that they all seem to be very much in love and happy in their relationships.

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