Inici » Wooden cabins in the Balearic Islands: extra space to store and enjoy

Wooden cabins in the Balearic Islands: extra space to store and enjoy

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A practical and aesthetic investment

If you have a beautiful garden or terrace in the Balearic Islands and need additional space to store tools, furniture and accessories, the wooden sheds from the Hortum company can be the ideal solution. This company specializing in outdoor wood products offers a wide range of quality rafters, houses and garages with the option of free shipping throughout the Balearic region.

Practical and aesthetic investment

A garden shed is an excellent investment that will allow you to keep protected all the items necessary for the care of your plants and to enjoy the corners in the open air. In addition to gaining order and extra storage space, you will protect your furniture and equipment from inclement weather, extending their useful life.

Assess the space and choose the right booth

Before buying a log cabin, it is important to assess the available space and choose the right dimensions. It is also necessary to take into account the aesthetic aspect so that it integrates perfectly with the natural environment.

Variety of sizes and styles

Hortum offers several options of sizes, finishes and styles to satisfy different tastes and needs. One of the outstanding options is the Flodova solid wood shed, with double doors and windows. This 5.9m² shed is perfect for medium gardens and stands out for its resistance and insulation. With a sloped roof to facilitate the drainage of rainwater, this shed offers excellent value for money.

Free shipping and after-sales service

One of the advantages of purchasing a Hortum cottage is that they offer free shipping throughout the Balearic region. The sheds are delivered disassembled, but with simple instructions for quick assembly. In addition, its technical service is available to customers to offer assistance throughout the process.

Larger houses for different uses

If you need a larger space to use as a workshop, office or outdoor reading area, Hortum offers more spacious garden houses like the Claudia. With an area of ​​19.4m², walls of 44mm and a height of more than 3.5 metres, this house is ideal for different uses and climatic conditions.

Certified wood and protection for exteriors

All Hortum cabins are made with FSC/PEFC certified wood from sustainably managed forests. In addition to building with ecological materials, the company offers advice to properly protect and finish wood for exteriors.

For greater durability, Hortum recommends applying an open pore oil with fungicidal, insecticidal and anti-UV agents after installing the shed. In case of defective parts, the company offers an efficient replacement service.

With its quality, versatility and personalized attention, Hortum has become a market leader in wooden products for the garden and outdoors in Spain. If you live in the Balearic Islands and want to make the most of open spaces with an elegant and functional house, don’t hesitate to consult the Hortum catalog. Gain extra space in style!

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