Inici » Gallardo and Garlito dispute the leadership of the Extremaduran PSOE

Gallardo and Garlito dispute the leadership of the Extremaduran PSOE

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Lara Garlito is running for the primaries

The current deputy secretary general of the PSOE of Extremadura, Lara Garlito, has announced her candidacy for the primaries that will decide the future of this political formation. Her rival will be the president of the Badajoz Provincial Council, Miguel Ángel Gallardo, who has also confirmed his intention to run for the general secretary.

Garlito, who is a deputy for the Socialist Group in the Assembly and first vice president of the regional Chamber, has declared to the Efe agency that she feels supported by the militancy and that she is prepared to take on the challenge. “I want to do it, the militancy is asking me to,” she stated.

A collective and horizontal project

To prepare his proposal, Garlito has started a round of meetings with colleagues from the party, with the aim of listening to their ideas and suggestions. Her intention is to build “a collective and horizontal project” that represents all the diversity of the Extremaduran PSOE.

The regional congress calendar

The PSOE of Extremadura will announce next Saturday, February 3, the calendar for holding its 14th regional congress, in which the successor of Guillermo Fernández Vara, who announced his retirement from active politics, will be chosen.

To this end, the PSOE has called two meetings of its most important internal bodies: the executive commission, which has fifty members, and the Regional Committee, which is the highest body of representation and decision-making between congresses. Both meetings will be held at the party’s regional headquarters in Mérida.

After these meetings, the PSOE of Extremadura will report on the agreements adopted in relation to the 14th Extraordinary Regional Congress, which is expected to include its date.

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