Inici » Isabel Díaz Ayuso defends the arrival of Formula 1 to Madrid

Isabel Díaz Ayuso defends the arrival of Formula 1 to Madrid

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A firm posture

The leader of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has expressed her resolution regarding the incorporation of Formula 1 in the Spanish capital.

“I will not apologize for the decision to host Formula 1 in Madrid,” he said during an interview with El Matí de Catalunya Ràdio, distancing himself from any responsibility for the fate of the F1 Grand Prix that has so far been held in Circuit of Barcelona-Catalonia.

In a forceful way, he assured that “capitalist freedom allows installation where it deems appropriate”.

A bet for all Spaniards

In his conversation with Ricard Ustrell, Ayuso emphasized that this event is considered an opportunity for all of Spain.

He criticizes those who question investments in the capital and encourages other regions to adopt similar strategies, including examples of tax breaks.

Criticism of the central government

He vigorously attacked the policies of the government of Pedro Sánchez, accusing him of a tax amnesty with purely partisan ends.

“They have evaded regulations and manipulated parliamentary reports,” he declared, lamenting that the government does not prioritize the interests of citizens.

Position on the Catalonia operation

Regarding the recent revelations about Operation Catalunya, Ayuso expressed that he does not tolerate the spread of disinformation, but considers any measure taken by the State to protect itself to be legitimate.

“Any normal and consistent country protects its institutions and its sovereignty,” he said, defending the need to preserve state interests.

He suggested that the recent revelations about Operation Catalunya attempt to distort the narrative and present pro-independence activists as victims, a strategy that, according to Ayuso, seeks to absolve them of responsibility.

“The narrative will become that the independence supporters, despite the riots and violence, will present themselves as heroes, similar to the case of the ETA prisoners in Euskadi”, he concluded, warning about the possible narrative implications.

Other relevant issues

In other areas, Ayuso has not avoided commenting on issues such as the Catalonia operation, emphasizing the need for a discourse based on truth and transparency.

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