Inici » Ten Years of Espai Orfeó: A Decade of Vibrant Music and Culture

Ten Years of Espai Orfeó: A Decade of Vibrant Music and Culture

Una mujer sosteniendo una guitarra mientras canta frente a un micrófono en el escenario con otros músicos de fondo en un concierto, Camille Bouvagne, imagen promocional, una fotografía de archivo, escuela de Barbizon.

A New Dimension for the Orfeó Lleidatà Foundation

January 24, 2014 marked a turning point for the Fundació Orfeó Lleidatà with the inauguration of the second phase of its headquarters. The lobby and a multipurpose hall-auditorium came to life under the name Espai Orfeó, announcing a new dimension for the entity.

This space not only became a place for the Orfeó’s own activities, but was opened to the city with the aim of being a speaker not only for music, but also for the cultural agenda and other city ​​entities.

Consolidation as a Reference Room

Ten years later, the Espai Orfeó has consolidated its position as a hall of reference, standing out especially in the field of live music. Its inclusive vocation and service to entities through the Participatory Council have been fundamental pillars in this trajectory.

During this first decade, the space has hosted 240 concerts and shows, offering a total of 192 activities that have attracted approximately 35,000 spectators. Interdisciplinarity has been key, incorporating not only music, but also the performing arts, letters and visual arts.

Cultural and Artistic Diversity

With music as its main axis, the Orfeó Space has stood out for its cultural and artistic diversity. The performing arts, which include theatre, dance, circus and magic, have played a significant role, along with other disciplines that have enriched its proposal.

Perspectives Futures

Xavier Quinquillà, director of the Orfeó Lleidatà, emphasizes that the Espai Orfeó has marked a ‘before and after’. With great satisfaction, he points to the success of recent years and expresses the determination to continue offering quality programming, encouraging local talent and collaborating with the associative and cultural fabric.

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