Inici » Marta López’s complications after an aesthetic intervention

Marta López’s complications after an aesthetic intervention

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Marta López suffers an infection from a tension thread in her neck

Marta López has returned to television after spending 10 days on a survival program. However, her experience has not been pleasant at all, as she has suffered intense pain and lack of sleep throughout that time. The reason? An infection caused by a cosmetic operation that she had undergone before entering the contest.

According to Marta López herself, she underwent an operation to place a tension thread in her neck, with the aim of tightening the muscles and improving the appearance of that area. However, the thread caused an adverse reaction and became infected, forming a lump that prevented him from stretching and caused him great discomfort.

unbearable pain

«The pain was worse than that of childbirth. I didn’t understand it, because they gave me painkillers and it didn’t go away. They told me that the lump was pressing on me, and that no matter how much they put things on me, the thread continued to hurt,” he said.

In the live connection they have made with her, she has been seen with a band-aid on her neck that they have put on her until they can cure her completely, which involves removing the thread. She now feels much better, although she will need a few more days of rest in which she will not be able to participate in the physical tests of the program.

Other aesthetic operations by Marta López

This is not the first time that Marta López has undergone cosmetic surgery. The communicator has also had a rhinoplasty on her nose, a mammoplasty to increase the size of her breast and a subsequent prosthesis change.

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