Inici » Marta López, affected by an infection after an aesthetic treatment

Marta López, affected by an infection after an aesthetic treatment

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The television collaborator returns to Big Brother with health problems

Marta López has resumed her participation in Gran Hermano, the Telecinco reality show that launched her to fame more than two decades ago. Her strong personality made her one of the most recognizable faces on television and she has been in the industry ever since. She is now one of the contestants in the 2024 version and many might believe that she has an advantage because she knows very well how these kinds of shows work. However, the first days in the house are not easy for him. In Sunday’s debate, in fact, he revealed that he is suffering from health problems due to a cosmetic operation that has caused him a serious infection.

What is happening to Marta López?

During the 10 days she has been in the house, she has been in constant pain and more than four nights unable to sleep. What is the cause? The medical team that runs the program has detected that Marta López has an infection in her neck: “I put a tourniquet on my neck and it got infected, so I had an abscess here the whole time and I couldn’t move”. This treatment consists of the insertion of a thread that stretches the muscles of the neck in order to recover the firmness and elasticity of this area of ​​the body, it serves to reduce flaccidity and hide wrinkles.

Marta López says she has suffered a lot of pain due to cosmetic surgery

“The pains have been worse than childbirth. I didn’t understand anything, because they gave me painkillers and they didn’t calm my pain. They told me that the abscess was compressing me, even though they gave me many things the thread kept hurting,” he explained.

How is Marta López now?

In the live connection that they have done with her, she is seen with a bandage on her neck that they have put on her until they can heal her completely, an operation that basically consists of removing the thread. He is now much better, although he will need a few more days of rest in which he will not be able to participate in the physical tests of the program.

This is not the only aesthetic intervention to which the communicator has undergone. Marta López has also had a rhinoplasty on her nose, a mammoplasty to increase her breast size and a change of posterior prosthesis.

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