Inici » The main Catalan pharmaceutical companies and their contribution to the Catalan health system

The main Catalan pharmaceutical companies and their contribution to the Catalan health system

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Grifols: Leader in the biotechnology sector

Grifols is one of the most important pharmaceutical companies in Catalonia. Specializing in hemoderivative products, Grifols has achieved a significant sales volume with the Catalan health system. According to data from PlantaDoce, more than 90% of Grifols’ sales come from the Catalan health system, which represents more than 160 million euros. Despite facing recent financial challenges, Grifols has posted a net profit of 21.4 million euros in the first quarter of 2024, a remarkable recovery compared to the previous year’s losses. The main buyers of Grifols are the centers attached to the Catalan Health Institute (ICS).

Reig Jofre: Innovation and biotechnology

Reig Jofre is another prominent pharmaceutical company in Catalonia. With an upward trend in sales since 2019, Reig Jofre reached its sales peak in 2021, although it has since experienced a decline. The company has been included in the European Med4Cure macro project, which seeks to promote the industrialization of new therapies in Europe. This project demonstrates the importance of Reig Jofre in the field of innovation and biotechnology, consolidating its presence in the pharmaceutical market. Reig Jofre’s best-selling products are antibiotics and antiseptic and disinfectant products.

Almirall: Specialization in dermatology and respiratory diseases

Almirall is a pharmaceutical company specializing in dermatological products and medicines for respiratory diseases. It has also experienced an increase in sales to the Catalan health system. Last year, Almirall reached a sales peak of 1.8 million euros.

Faes Farma: Medicines and nutraceutical products

Faes Farma is a pharmaceutical company known for its medicines and nutraceutical products. Despite this, it is the one that has billed the least to the Catalan health system. Since 2020, Faes Farma’s turnover has been decreasing every year.

Contribution to the Catalan health system

These four pharmaceutical companies are not only pillars of the sector in Catalonia, but also play a crucial role in the regional economy and in improving public health. Through their constant innovation and their close relationship with the health system, Grifols, Reig Jofre, Almirall and Faes Farma contribute significantly to the accessibility and quality of health services in Catalonia.

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