Inici » The General Secretary of Junts per Catalunya Celebrates the Filing of the Democratic Tsunami Case

The General Secretary of Junts per Catalunya Celebrates the Filing of the Democratic Tsunami Case

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Jordi Turull Celebrates the Filing of the Democratic Tsunami Case

The general secretary of Junts per Catalunya, Jordi Turull, has expressed his satisfaction at the filing of the cause of the Democratic Tsunami. According to Turull, this judicial decision has been motivated by the incompetence of the judge Manuel García Castellón, whom he has accused of being part of the Toga Nostra. In an interview with RAC1, Turull emphasized that all the suffering has come to an end and affirmed that Carles Puigdemont maintains his commitment to return to Catalonia for the investiture, despite the accusations that weigh on him.

Possible Future Scenarios

Turull hopes that the filing of the Tsunami case may influence the open case against Carles Puigdemont and Ruben Wagensberg in the Supreme Court. However, he does not rule out any scenario and acknowledges that the Supreme Court’s decision is not guaranteed. In this sense, he has not ruled out the possibility that, in the event of his return to Catalonia, the exiled president could be imprisoned. Despite this, Junts per Catalunya is confident in the country’s response to these eventualities.

Criticism of the Spanish Judicial Council

Turull has regretted the behavior of the judges and pointed out that the Spanish judicial leadership has hijacked democracy in the State. He has insisted on the concept of Toga Nostra, referring to the judicial leadership which, according to him, plays politics and persecutes the pro-independence parties. In addition, he has criticized the ‘delusions of grandeur’ of the judges who, according to him, decide not to apply the law.

Possibility of Return and Imprisonment

Regarding the possibility of Puigdemont being imprisoned in the event of his return to Catalonia, Turull has not specified the scenarios that Junts has foreseen or the actions he would take, ensuring that it is too serious an issue to explain to the media. However, he has expressed the party’s confidence in the country’s response to this situation.

Marta Rovira Could Return to Catalonia on Saturday

The general secretary of ERC, Marta Rovira, has expressed the possibility of returning to Catalonia this Saturday to visit her parents and attend the women’s assembly of the republican formation. Although he has not yet confirmed it, he has expressed his desire to do so, according to statements to RAC1.

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