Inici » European temperature record in January Forecasts have been fulfilled

European temperature record in January Forecasts have been fulfilled

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Record temperatures in Europe

This Thursday, temperatures reached records in Europe, with values ​​absolutely outside normality. The highs have been more typical of early spring than January. In some cases, 30 ºC have been exceeded, setting an absolute record in our country and on a European scale. Calles, in the Serrans region, and Gavarda, in Ribera Alta, have broken all records with 30.7 ºC. The values ​​collected by the Valencian Association of Meteorology of Anna, Canals and Guadasséquies are also noteworthy with 30.2 ºC and 29.9 ºC respectively.

Temperatures in Catalonia

In Catalonia, the highest temperatures have been far from the records of the Valencian Country. However, anomalous highs such as 25.4 ºC in Anglès, 25.3 ºC in the Vall d’en Bas and 25.2 ºC in Olot have been reached. The districts of Garrotxa, Gironès and Selva recorded the highest temperatures.

High mountain temperatures

In high mountains, the records have been scandalous. The case of Vall de Núria stands out, at almost 2,000 meters of altitude, where the January 2022 record of 14.1 ºC was beaten with 15.0 ºC and 24 hours later it was surpassed again with 16.7 ºC At the Malniu shelter, at 2,230 meters, 15.7 ºC has been reached.

Monthly records

According to the Meteorological Service of Catalonia (SMC), monthly records have been reached in 21 of the 117 observatories with more than 20 years of data.

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