Inici » Exploring Sant Miquel del Fai: An Unforgettable Summer Experience in 2023

Exploring Sant Miquel del Fai: An Unforgettable Summer Experience in 2023

un pueblo con una montaña al fondo y algunos árboles al costado de la carretera frente a ella, Enguerrand Quarton, vista panorámica, una pintura mate, románico

We discover Sant Miquel del Fai

With the opening on April 22, 2023, Sant Miquel del Fai has captivated the attention of more than 30,000 visitors. This idyllic space, which remained closed during the summer as a precaution against fires, has been a meeting point for those looking for a unique experience.

Diversity of Means of Transport

Visitors, with 86% opting for private vehicles through pre-booking, have explored this natural gem in a variety of ways. 9.2% have enjoyed the Riells trail on foot, while 2.3% have opted for a bus or collective vehicle. The rest have chosen other routes and means, creating a rich palette of experiences.

Access and Reservations

To access Sant Miquel del Fai, you must book for free through the website, offering three time slots. This precaution ensures a comfortable visit, especially for travelers from distant regions. There is also content for those who prefer not to use technology.

Popularity Online

During 2023, the website of Sant Miquel del Fai has led the visits to the Network of Natural Parks of the Diputació de Barcelona. This trend highlights the growing fascination with the region’s natural and cultural heritage.

Evaluation of Visitors

After the visit, a satisfaction survey reveals that 53.9% of visitors give the highest score. The waterfall and the balms lead the preferences with 19.4%, followed by panoramic views (17.1%) and the visit in general (15.1%). The church also leaves a noticeable mark with 6.7% appreciation.

Digital Interaction

37.6% of visitors have used QR codes to obtain more information about points of interest along the route, showing the growing digital interaction with natural heritage.

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