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METEUS | Weekend with a drop in temperatures in Catalonia

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An atypical week for the time of year

Catalonia has experienced a week with unusual weather for the month of January. After a Thursday with clear skies in most of the territory – except for some areas of Lleida, which face the weekend with cloudiness – the Meteorological Service of Catalonia (Meteocat) predicts similar days, with predominant sun and maximum temperatures that exceed 20 degrees at some points.

Friday without rain and with heat on the coast

On Friday, no precipitation is expected in Catalonia and the coast will enjoy an almost summer atmosphere, difficult to find in January. On the Costa Brava, maximum temperatures of between 23 and 24 degrees will be reached, especially in Empordà. Meteocat also predicts similar temperatures in the south of the country, with a maximum of 24 degrees in Tortosa. The minimums will be variable depending on the location, with inland and northern regions that may drop up to one degree. In the afternoon, temperatures will remain in a similar range, but clouds will be seen along the entire coast, especially on the central coast. Rain will not appear, although the Meteorological Service announces some weak precipitation due to fog in the Ponent and the Ebro valley.

Colder Saturday

Temperatures will take a notable turn on Saturday, when highs will drop below 20 degrees. The decrease will be especially noticeable in the regions of the central coast, where the maximum temperature will be close to 14 degrees; as well as in the interior, with 13 degrees in La Noguera or 11 in Segrià. The Pyrenees and the Pre-Pyrenees will remain at levels similar to those of Friday, with few clouds and mostly clear skies. Regions such as Ripollès and Garrotxa, in fact, may have maximum temperatures of 20 degrees, similar to the 19 that will be recorded during the day in Pla de l’Estany. Yes, some clouds could be seen in areas of Garraf and Baix Llobregat, as well as in the regions of Lleida. The minimum temperatures, as in the case of Friday, will occur in the interior and in the Pyrenees, especially in Alt Urgell and Alta Ribagorça, where the temperature will fall to 0 and -1 degrees respectively. In contrast, Barcelona, ​​which will remain at a maximum of 14 degrees, despite the fact that it will have minimums higher than 10 degrees.

Calm weather

Beyond the drop in temperatures expected for Saturday, the Meteorological Service of Catalonia announces a weekend without any surprises. The sky will be slightly cloudy in most of the country, while precipitation will be practically non-existent. The wind will be weak throughout the Catalan territory, with moments of calm especially in the interior, although in the central hours of Saturday moderate speeds could be recorded on the coast. No meteorological danger warnings are expected in any region; nor in the sea, which will be calm in most of the territory, although more activity is expected on the Costa Brava.

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