Inici » Solc Accompanies King Gaspar: Enrique Moltó, Companions of Magic and Illusion

Solc Accompanies King Gaspar: Enrique Moltó, Companions of Magic and Illusion

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The Solc Association and the Honor of Cavalcada with King Gaspar

Solc, the regional association for help in the treatment of cancer, has the honor of being the entity that will accompany King Gaspar in the Cavalcade. Enrique Moltó, committed to the cause, will be the closest person to the monarch. It is a moment that Solc has longed for for years and it coincides with the 25th anniversary of its foundation.

Enrique Moltó: A Helper With Commitment

Solc’s board of directors, when deciding to accompany a King, trusted Enrique Moltó to be their representative. With 14 years of commitment to Solc, Moltó carries out an important task of information about cancer as a volunteer, especially among third-year ESO students.

Moltó’s Illusion: Magical Moments and Worship

With great excitement, Moltó expresses his emotion: “Each year, the anticipation to discover the accompanying entities was intense. Now, with great joy and desire, I know that I will be part of this magical moment alongside King Gaspar. I have high expectations and excitement.”

When asked about the most special moment, he highlights the Adoration in the Square: “It’s a magical moment, despite the crowd. Just with the atmosphere, I already have goosebumps.”

Emotional Moments: January 6 and the Visit to the Centers

Moltó anticipates with excitement the day of January 6, when the Magi will visit different centers, bringing magic and illusion to children and adults. With members of Solc, family and friends in the entourage, unique moments are expected in this very special year.

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