Inici » An Unforgettable Experience with Rei Melcior and Jaime Rico

An Unforgettable Experience with Rei Melcior and Jaime Rico

dos hombres vestidos con trajes de cuero negro, uno al lado del otro en una habitación con una ventana y una luz, Cedric Seaut (Keos Masons), armadura, arte conceptual, antípodas

Filà Verds: Companions of Melcior’s Arrival

The Greens will have the honor of guiding Melcior’s entry into Alcoi, on the evening of January 5. Among all the members of this line, Jaime Rico stands out as the closest helper to this King Magus, living these previous moments with great excitement.

An Internal Vote: Jaime Rico, Chosen Assistant

To decide who would be Melcior’s main aide, the Greens organized an internal vote between six candidates, including Jaime Rico. With enthusiasm and determination, Jaime won the vote, thus achieving the honor of being the closest companion to the Wizard King.

From the First Thunder to King Melcior: A Path of Honor

Jaime Rico remembers how, when he was first thunder, he considered the possibility of accompanying a Wizard King, but no member of the clan showed interest in formalizing this request at the Assembly. Now, with great satisfaction, it occupies the most prominent position during this long-awaited festivity.

Shared Emotions: Joy and Illusion

Jaime Rico looks forward to the entire Cavalcade with excitement, highlighting the excitement of the little ones and the Adoration as special moments. He assures that, despite not having experienced it from the inside before, it will be an unforgettable experience for all involved.

A Special Day: Cheer Hearts

Remembering his time in the Sant Jordi Association, Jaime Rico anticipates that January 6 will be very emotional. Gladdening the hearts of elderly people and sick children will be a unique experience, bringing this festivity to the whole community.

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