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The best patisseries in Catalonia are in Girona

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The Sant Vicenç dels Horts International Pastry Show

Five of the fifty largest patisseries in Catalonia are located in the province of Girona. This week, the Sant Vicenç dels Horts International Pastry Exhibition was held, which welcomed renowned pastry chefs of international renown, innovators and creators of chocolate and desserts.

Featured participants

Jordi Roca opened the show, together with Martina Puigvert, chef of Les Cols in Olot, with two Michelin stars, and chosen as the best young chef in the Michelin guide; the French Thibault Marchand, with a career in Paris, London and Miami, and the Venezuelan María Evans, creator of her own brand in her country, with a pastry school included.

Winners of the Cocoa Bean Awards

Patisseria Hofmann in Barcelona was honored during the gala with the Fava d’Or award for the most innovative pastry shop. The second Fava d’Or went to the Pastisseria Ferrer Xocolata d’Olot (La Garrotxa), as the pastry shop with the most historical value.

Winners of the Cocoa Bean Awards

The Fava de Cacau Awards – Sant Vicenç dels Horts also awarded the Fava d’Or to other patisseries such as Tornés de Girona and Gil de Llívia (La Cerdanya). Finally, the 50 best patisseries in Catalonia were recognized, of which 9 come from the demarcation of Girona.

The 9 best patisseries in Girona

– Casa Cacao (Girona)
– Gou Patisserie (Palafrugell)
– La Sal Patisserie (Banyoles)
– Pastry Praline Girona (Girona)
– Pastry shop Tornés (Girona)
– Pastry Shop Ferrer Chocolate (Olot)
– Patisserie La Menuda (Banyoles)
– Maison Marcel pastry shop (Sant Feliu de Guíxols)
– Pastry Gil (Llívia)

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