Inici » Exploring International Art in Blanes: Presentations and Gallery of Experiences

Exploring International Art in Blanes: Presentations and Gallery of Experiences

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The Arcada de Blanes Art Gallery With a New Dimension in 2024

Kicking off a promising season, the Arcada Art Gallery in Blanes revealed its charm with a magical night of presentations last Friday. The main highlight was the opening of the first exhibition, which will be open until February 15.

Renowned international painter Jordi Artigas was the star of the evening, offering a fascinating collection of abstract paintings. Art lovers were led through a unique experience, immersed in the creations full of bold strokes, vibrant colors and a unique gestural expression.

An Abstract Experience: Exploring the Work of Jordi Artigas

Jordi Artigas, with his meticulous technique, fills his creations with captivating abstractions. Discerning observers will find in his work echoes of masters such as Tapies, Pollock and Rothko, excelling in informalism and abstract expressionism.

With a surprising evolution, Artigas has created a striking pictorial series, using elements such as coffee, dyes and acrylic pigments that offer a unique palette of textures and colors. His work, admired in New York, Milan, Tokyo and other cities, shows a remarkable international influence.

Distinguished Literature: Jordi Solé and the Prudenci Bertrana Prize

The other highlight of the evening was Jordi Solé, winner of the 56th Prudenci Bertrana Award for Novel of the year 2023. With ‘The year I loved Ava Gardner’, Solé captivated the jury with an exceptional literary work . The award, valued at €30,000, was awarded by the renowned jury made up of Montse Barderi, Gemma Lienas, Gerard Quintana, Care Santos and Glòria Gasch.

In conclusion, the Arcada Art Gallery in Blanes continues to offer a platform for unique artistic experiences. With the fusion of the pictorial expression of Jordi Artigas and the enveloping narrative of Jordi Solé, this season promises to be a fascinating exploration of international creativity.

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