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The best restaurants in Barcelona according to the B Awards

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The Barcelona Restoration Awards are recognitions awarded annually by the Department of Commerce, Restoration and Consumption of Barcelona City Council to the city’s restoration sector. Its objective is to assess the quality and excellence of establishments, as well as their commitment to innovation, sustainability, proximity, health and diversity in the services they offer to citizens. This year, the fourth edition of the awards was held, and we present a selection of ten venues that have received an award or a nomination and that you cannot miss!


This restaurant has been awarded in the gastronomic quality category, which distinguishes premises that work with local products at a high level of quality, as well as those that have been able to specialize in order to offer a unique gastronomic offer in the city. Alapar is defined as a Mediterranean izakaya or a traditional winery with an Asian influence. Its chef, Albert Mendiola, combines the flavors and techniques of both cultures to create surprising and delicious dishes.

Quimet d’Horta

This place has received the award in the category of integration in the neighborhood, which recognizes restaurants that identify with the characteristics of the environment in which they are located. This category rewards the promotion of sociability, the generation of wealth in the area and the fact that the restaurant is a social point of reference for the population. El Quimet d’Horta is a living part of the history of the Horta neighborhood and the favorite place of residents and visitors to enjoy some quality sandwiches made with chapata bread.

The fork

This restaurant has been awarded as the most sustainable of this edition for its good practices related to sustainability and the circular economy. La Forquilla offers a different vision of a gastronomic restaurant. As they explain, there is no one better than the chef to convey to us the meaning of each ingredient during the experience, for this reason, their services have few diners, but attended by the same chef who creates the dishes, Vidal Gravalosa.

Restaurant Roots & Rolls

This place has been distinguished in the restaurant innovation category, which values ​​the use of innovative techniques in the definition of gastronomic proposals. Roots & Rolls presents a culinary adventure with a signature dish: vegetable sushi. It offers a fusion of flavor and health with a varied and vegan menu. Their commitment to preparing vegan meals is rooted in a passion for Asian and Japanese cuisine with the diverse world of fresh vegetables and aromatic spices.

Center Cafe

This restaurant has received an honorable mention from the IV Premis Barcelona Restauració for contributing to creating and maintaining the cultural identity of the restaurant model of the city of Barcelona, ​​serving as a guide for future generations of professionals. The Cafè del Center restaurant, opened in 1873 as a casino, is one of the oldest active modernist cafes in Barcelona. Located to the right of the Eixample, this emblematic space offers an original atmosphere and good tapas.


In the heart of Turó Park and nominated in the neighborhood integration category, we find Chichu’s, a restaurant with a very cozy terrace, a small kitchen and homemade dishes with French touches. The menu is varied, with some strong spoon dishes, and the quality of the meat stands out.

Restaurant Verde Amore

This place has been nominated in the gastronomic quality category, and offers a healthy and fresh option with seasonal and zero-mile products. Its cuisine is based on 70% vegetables, legumes and fruit and 30% quality animal protein, white meat and market fish.

Pizza Art

You no longer have to go to Italy to taste an authentic signature pizza. In Sant Andreu, we find Arte Pizza, a restaurant nominated for the innovative place award. Kneading techniques, fresh ingredients, a traditional oven and master pizza makers are the elements that make this place serve quality pizzas.

The Workshop – Cultural Bar

This is a space where art, culture and gastronomy combine. It offers healthy and home-made food with a fusion of different origins with a small menu but very careful and respectful of the different trends and aimed at all audiences. In addition, they put a special attention and interest in the contact with small suppliers. To accompany this gastronomic proposal, they have a weekly program of activities in different fields such as music, literature, painting or theater, among others.

Nua Smart Restaurant

With a menu based on multi-sensory recipes, where the main course is the Smart Food Experience, which is slow-cooked mixed with passion for innovation and a little creative madness, the Nua Smart Restaurant has been nominated for the innovative local award . A place that presents a unique interior design concept, with its own style that has made technology closer and more accessible to everyone, using artificial intelligence systems.

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