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Endless conflicts

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Catalan politics meets without desire

While Junts per Catalunya is debating between two souls, Catalan politics is forced to hold summits without much hope of agreement. Díaz Ayuso, for his part, brags about Formula 1 that will cost the taxpayer money, Madrid complains about the referees… and the world is witnessing two wars, the one in Gaza and the one in Ukraine.

The media normalize war conflicts

War conflicts always attract the attention of the media, which treat them with a certain tone of spectacle. But both we and what is known as the “international community” have already entered the phase of living with the conflict, of making it part of our routine. We are used to seeing large offensives that must tip the balance on one side or the other, with death tolls and forceful statements, and peace has disappeared from the repertoire of concepts to be used. If necessary, some humanitarian stoppage and little else.

Propaganda and difficulties make verification difficult

Yesterday, the Ukrainian military shot down a Russian military plane that Moscow says had 65 Ukrainian prisoners on board. We will never know because the propaganda and the difficulties of non-governmental organizations and fact-checkers to corroborate what is being said is brutal. The news came when we had not yet recovered from the Palestinian announcement that 24 Israeli soldiers had died in the Strip. Yesterday they responded by killing nine and injuring 75 in a refugee center.

The belligerent leaders do not yield

It is clear that fanatics like those of Hamas or authoritarian leaders like Putin and Netanyahu – increasingly isolated – will not stop in their war escalation. Israel offers a two-month cease-fire in the Strip, but the Israeli president has already warned his American allies that he is not ready to give in to any of the Palestinian requests, whether or not they are fair and reasonable.

European and American emergencies do not help

The European emergencies, which have more to do with the return to austerity and the risks of the rise of the extreme right, and the pre-election climate in the United States do not help to make both have a view on conflicts that they are as close to them as they are difficult to approach. But it is clear that no one should be able to allow themselves to be profiled, that we are not talking about peace and that we are normalizing two wars with no solutions (but death and suffering) in sight. Social and political pressure on the institutions, but also on the streets and in the media, is one of the few ways we have at our disposal to demand solutions that will not be 100% to anyone’s taste and that may force us to review clichés of good and bad and of justice and injustice, but which are increasingly unpostponable. As much as it seems to us that we are faced with conflicts without a solution.

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