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Everything you need to know about the Granollers Carnival 2024

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Dates, streets and activities of the Carnival in the city

From February 4 to 14, Granollers will experience one of its most anticipated festivals: Carnival. During these days, the city will be filled with color, music and fun with a varied program for all audiences, which includes from the most deep-rooted traditions to the most innovative proposals.

The gypsy dance, the first act of Carnival

On Sunday, the 4th, La Porxada will be the stage for the Granollers gypsy dance, a popular dance that brings together dozens of people of all ages, both dancing and watching. This event symbolizes the beginning of the celebrations in the city and is an example of its cultural wealth.

The arrival of the Carnival King and the Abbot’s omelette tasting

On Fat Thursday, Thursday the 8th, the Carnival King will make his triumphal entry in Granollers, accompanied by the charanga Els desmadrats, which will set the festive mood. His route will take him to the Palau de Can Solda, where the proclamation will be read and those attending will be invited to try the Abbot’s omelette, a typical dish of this period.

The egg offering and the Carnival parade

On Friday the 9th, the boys and girls from the schools will make the offering of eggs to the Carnival, who will thank them with a speech full of humor and irony. Afterwards, the Carnestoltes will take a walk through the streets of the historic center, greeting and joking with everyone they cross.

Parade, costume dance and Carnival in the factory

Saturday the 10th will be a day full of activities for young and old. In the morning, there will be the parade and the swing ball organized by Lindy Frogs, an opportunity to enjoy this infectious rhythm. In the afternoon, the children’s parade and costume dance, with the performance of Landry the Rumbero, will delight the little ones. And at night, the Carnival in the factory, with a Mosaic concert and a DJ performance, organized by Jovent Ignorat, in Sala Nau B1 of Roca Umbert Fàbrica de les Arts, will be the ideal space for who want to keep the party going until dawn.

La Rua de Carnaval, the great show

Sunday, February 11 will be the day of the Rua de Carnaval, the moment most awaited by many. The troupes, which can be registered at, where you will also find the participation regulations, will parade through the streets of the city, showing off their costumes, choreography and floats. The street will follow the usual route of Carrer de les Tres Torres, Avenida Francesc Macià, Carrer d’Alfons IV, Plaça de la Corona, Carrer de Sant Roc and Plaça de la Porxada.

The carnival vigil, farewell and cremation

After so many days of revelry, on the 14th, Ash Wednesday, it will be time to say goodbye to Carnival. The Carnival vigil will be held at the Palau de Can Solda, a mourning parade to accompany it, the reading of the Verses by the Old Woman Quaresma and the Carnival cremation. Thus, her reign will end and that of Vella Quaresma will begin, who will debut a new dress this year, made by the Granoller designer Mar Aumedes, from Taller Sarandaca.

If you want to know the entire program of the Granollers Carnival 2024, you can consult it here.

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