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Independence in Catalonia: a critical reflection

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Recently, I read an interview in which Isabel Coixet stated that independence has never been left-wing, especially in Catalonia. This statement has left me perplexed and has led me to reflect on the subject. Although I disagree with Coixet in many aspects, his words have awakened in me a premonition about the political future of Catalonia after the next elections.

The debate on independence

The debate on independence in Catalonia is complex and multifaceted. There are different views and interpretations about what it means to be independent and how the process towards independence should be managed. It is important to note that there is no single correct answer and that opinions may vary based on context and personal experiences.

Coixet and I have a different view on the division between right and left. It is clear that we do not share the same perspective on this matter. However, his words have made me reflect on the false opposition between being left-wing and being pro-independence. It is important not to put social problems ahead of the nation, as this is an issue that directly affects Catalonia’s identity and future.

The importance of independence

The independence of Catalonia is a subject that generates passions and passionate debates. It is important to remember that independence is not just a matter of solving social problems, but an opportunity to achieve sovereignty and control over one’s own destiny. It is a matter of being the masters and mistresses of our future, of being able to make decisions that directly affect our lives and our country.

To better understand this issue, we can analyze a specific example related to railways. A tripartite government made up of PSC, Commons and ERC can have a significant impact on the management of transport infrastructure, such as the Renfe suburbs. It is important to consider what the political horizon is and what this government’s priorities are in relation to this issue. Delays and problems in the train service directly affect the daily lives of many people and are a reflection of the policies implemented.


In short, Coixet’s words have generated a critical reflection on independence in Catalonia. Despite the differences in thought and political project, it is important to consider his words as a premonition of what may happen after the next election. Independence is not just a matter of solving social problems, but an opportunity to gain sovereignty and control over our future. We need to analyze the political proposals and make informed decisions that directly affect our country.

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