Inici » Meritxell Yanes brings to Figueres the testimony of his grandparents with the work “Kilometers”

Meritxell Yanes brings to Figueres the testimony of his grandparents with the work “Kilometers”

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An intimate and unforgettable work

Nine years ago the Girona actress Meritxell Yanes premiered Kilometers, a text written and directed by Marilia Samper that was inspired by the fascinating history of her own family.

Kilometers is a work that endures over time, as Meritxell Yanes wants to keep it alive and on stage for many more years. Her intention is to carry the testimony of her family until her children, who are currently ten years old, decide to go see her.

This week, the public of La Cate de Figueres will have the opportunity to enjoy this very personal work. The work will be performed on Saturday at 8 pm.

A work that grows with experience

Meritxell Yanes assures that Kilometers is a work that transforms and enriches as the performances accumulate. Each performance brings a new perspective and the experience of living it in different scenarios.

The protagonist of this intimate and unforgettable work explains that her inspiration came from the personal writings of her maternal grandparents. His grandfather left a comprehensive diary of over six hundred pages, which he began writing when he was young and continued until his death. Through reading this newspaper, Meritxell Yanes realized that the story of his grandparents could be universal. A generation that lived through difficult times and moved on.

In addition to the grandfather’s writings, Meritxell Yanes also received the paternal grandmother’s testimony. The recorded conversations revealed intimate and moving details of the grandmother’s life during the war and at other important stages.

A work that connects with the public

Kilometers, with its emotional strength and authenticity, connects with viewers in a special way. After each performance, Meritxell Yanes has had the opportunity to talk to the audience and share similar experiences. The play reminds us that we all have a valid story and that sharing them makes us more aware of the society in which we live.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to see Kilometers in La Cate de Figueres. A show that will move you and make you reflect on the importance of our roots and the stories that define us.

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