Inici » The magic of the Cavalcade of the Magi of Alcoi

The magic of the Cavalcade of the Magi of Alcoi

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Thousands of people surround Alcoi in a unique tradition

The traditional Cavalcada dels Reis Mags d’Alcoi has arrived one more year to fill the city with excitement and dreams. The streets were flooded with magic as Melchior, Gaspar and Baltasar made their way accompanied by a dedicated crowd.

Despite the winter cold, thousands of people have taken to the streets not to miss this emblematic party. La Cavalcada, considered the oldest in Spain with 139 editions, has maintained its traditions such as the entrance of pages through the balconies and the children who greet the Magi from their camels.

Music has been the undisputed protagonist of this event. Musical bands, dance groups and decorated floats have accompanied the Magi throughout the journey, creating a unique and special soundtrack.

The Adoration of the Magi, a magical and emotional moment

One of the most exciting moments of the Cavalcade was the Adoration of the Magi at the Living Nativity. Accompanied by the Alleluia from Handel’s ‘Messiah’ and spectacular fireworks, this scene captivated the hearts of those present.

A tradition that does not leave indifferent

Alcoi’s Cavalcade of the Magi is not only a festival with great cultural and tourist impact, but also an event full of excitement and anticipation. This year, more than a thousand people have participated in this unique celebration, consolidating it as a Festival of National Tourist Interest.

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