Inici » Pull and loosen between Junts and Aragonès due to the drought in Parliament

Pull and loosen between Junts and Aragonès due to the drought in Parliament

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The dispute between the Junts and Aragonés political parties about the drought in Parliament

The president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, has been involved in a confrontation with the leader of the Juntos parliamentary group, Albert Batet, in relation to the drought during a control session in Parliament. This controversy broke out when the Junts leader raised the need to convene a high-level summit to address the drought that is affecting Catalonia, and which could enter the emergency phase next week.

A joint call to confront the drought

In response, Batet has demanded that Aragonès call a joint summit to develop a coordinated strategy and warned him that, in the face of the drought crisis, progress cannot be made on its own, much less without water. Furthermore, he recalled that Junts has shown a willingness to collaborate and, referring to the changes made by Aragonès in the Government, he pointed out that the problem does not lie in strategy or communication, but in poor management.

Questioning the timeliness of the proposal

Batet’s proposal was not well received by Pere Aragonès, who criticized it for being presented during a control session. Aragonès stated that if there was really a will to collaborate and agree, a summit should not be proposed in the middle of a political debate, unless other interests were had in mind. In this sense, he urged to preserve the fight against drought from any partisan contamination.

Exchange of reproaches and retorts between Batet and Aragonès

In a brief reply, Batet increased the tone and accused Aragonès of dedicating himself more to being an opposition leader and candidate, instead of carrying out his role as president. In addition, he demanded recognition from Junts for its responsibility in relation to the drought. Aragonès responded quickly, pointing out that the comments about candidacies, elections and agony had been made by Batet, not him. He stated that he will continue to govern all of Catalonia until the last day of his term as president.

Criticism after the appearance of Aragonès

Batet’s reproaches towards Aragonès continued after the appearance of the president of the Generalitat to report on the changes in the Government. Batet criticized the partisan use of institutions and pointed out that the promotions of Laura Vilagrà and Sergi Sabrià revealed a government strategy aimed at attacking Junts per Catalunya. These statements generated annoyance on the part of Batet, who considered that the change of Government does not strengthen the institutions and regretted that they are used for political purposes.

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