Inici » Generous Dance: The Carrascal Group Against Cancer

Generous Dance: The Carrascal Group Against Cancer

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A Vibrant Collaboration

The Alcoi Carrascal Dance Group has taken the lead in a solidarity initiative, contributing almost 2,000 euros to Solc, the Regional Association for Cancer Treatment Aid.

This generous donation is the result of the enthusiasm of the members of the town, who participated in the rehearsal of the Ban parade last January 3, together with the members of the dance group.

Massive Participation for a Noble Cause

Nearly 200 people, including members of the dance group and volunteers, will join in this solidarity event. The president of the Dance Group, Juana Plaza, accompanied by the mayor of Alcoi, Toni Francés, and councilor Raül Llopis, handed over the amount collected to the president of Solc, María José Grau.

A Gesture With History

In 2013, the Carrascal Group took the decision to set a registration price for those who wanted to join the Royal Ban as members of the town. This contribution, exempt for the youngest, represents the contribution of those participants and the group itself.

In short, this solidarity act demonstrates the continued dedication of the Carrascal Dance Group in the fight against cancer, weaving bonds of support and hope in the community of Alcoi.

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