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The Color Revolution in the Economy: Beyond the Green Economy

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A New Look at the Economy

Thanks to the didactic work promoted by the EU and other bodies, we now have a wider understanding of the various forms of sustainable economy. Apart from the green economy, there are other models such as the blue economy, which seeks to establish a new exchange system in which the sea is the protagonist and which moves away from the single-use concept. This concept, although not recent, dates back to 1994, when the Belgian economist Gunter Pauli published La Economía Azul, detailing the principles of a system that stands out as a method of production and exchanges in which the environment and ecosystems are respected.

The World Bank Definition

According to the World Bank, the blue economy involves the sustainable use of ocean resources for economic growth, improved livelihoods and employment, while preserving the health of ecosystems. Thus, the blue economy focuses differently on economic development, sustainable entrepreneurship and innovation, based on principles such as doing more with less, uniting wealth with diversity and seeing waste as resources.

Examples of Implementation

One of the best examples of putting this theory into practice is the Canadian region of Quebec, which was recently visited by a delegation from the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Port of Barcelona to activate joint projects and alliances. This trip has made it possible to learn about new methods of sustainable fishing and responsible coastal management, as well as the development of logistical and technological solutions focused on the blue economy.

The Future of the Blue Economy

With this new perspective, the question arises as to whether the future of the Catalan coast will be marked by this economic revolution. Innovations and sustainable practices from the blue economy offer an opportunity for a more balanced and environmentally friendly development, opening the doors to new forms of entrepreneurship and economic growth.

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