Inici » The Decision of Judge Garcia-Castellón on the Democratic Tsunami Case

The Decision of Judge Garcia-Castellón on the Democratic Tsunami Case

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A Decision That Marks Political Current Affairs

Judge García-Castellón’s decision to close the Democratic Tsunami case for terrorism is having a significant impact on current politics. This determination has come after the Criminal Chamber invalidated all proceedings carried out since July 30, 2021 due to a formal defect. Carles Puigdemont has expressed his satisfaction that many people accused and unjustly persecuted in this case can recover a part of their lives. In a publication, Puigdemont has analyzed this decision, questioning the supposed error of judge García-Castellón and affirming that this case has been an example of lawfare.

Reactions and Analysis of Carles Puigdemont

Carles Puigdemont has questioned the alleged error of judge García-Castellón, assuring that this error was known for some time and that, despite this, it has remained. According to Puigdemont, this case was an example of lawfare and he denounced the accusation of terrorism as delusional. In addition, he has criticized the manipulation of justice to intimidate and tarnish the narrative about independence.

Puigdemont’s Vision on the Situation

Puigdemont has expressed his concern over the fact that this situation could be repeated, as he believes that the formal error will not deter those responsible from continuing with suspicions and confusion. He also stated that this case shows that Spain is not a state of law and criticized the lack of separation of powers and political impartiality in the judicial system.


In summary, Judge García-Castellón’s decision on the Democratic Tsunami case has generated great controversy and highlighted Carles Puigdemont’s concerns about political impartiality and the manipulation of justice in Spain.

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