Inici » Restructuring in the educational field: A necessary change

Restructuring in the educational field: A necessary change

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A new stage for Catalan education

Teachers’ unions show reservations about the transfer of a senior position in the Department of Education. The Minister of Education, Anna Simó, announced today the replacement of the president of the Superior Council for the Evaluation of the Educational System of Catalonia (CSASE), Carles Vega, by Joan Cuevas Expósito, general director of Innovation, Digitalization and Curriculum, in a decision that marks a significant change in the educational organization chart.

Union debate and concerns

The appointment of Cuevas as the new head of the Evaluation Council, pending the creation of the new Evaluation and Prospective Agency of the Educational System, has generated concern among the unions. Marc Martorell, spokesman for the Intersindical, expresses that the decision raises concern, considering that Cuevas is not the right choice to lead the council, given his current responsibility in the definition of the curriculum.

The appointment of Cuevas, linked to criticism from the unions, raises concerns about a possible conflict of interest, since he will have to define the curriculum that will later be evaluated. Jesús Martín, from the UGT, underlines the delicacy of the situation and the risky bet it represents.

Union demands for real change

For the unions, the focus is not solely on the person of Cuevas, but on the need for substantial structural change. Iolanda Segura, from USTEC, calls for a change in the dynamics of the Council, while Teresa Esperabé, from CCOO, calls for a deeper transformation of the education system.

Unions are demanding greater support for schools and more resources for teachers. They also emphasize the implementation of the ‘Educational Guidance Decree’ as a priority for Cuevas.

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