Inici » The Magical Festivity in Alcoy: An Emotional Message from the Royal Ambassador

The Magical Festivity in Alcoy: An Emotional Message from the Royal Ambassador

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A Royal Ban Full of Emotion and Tradition

The streets of Alcoy were transformed into a scene of mystery and anticipation on the evening of January 4, when the Royal Ambassador delivered a message full of excitement.

The uniqueness of this occasion lies in the presence of the actress Pilar Almeria as the first woman to convey the Royal message, marking a historic moment in the Cavalcada festival, which is celebrating its 139th edition this year.

The Tradition of ‘La Burreta’ and the Proclamation of Uncle Piam

The burretas, with their waiting mailboxes, once again stood out in this festivity. The day is also known as ‘La Burreta’, symbolizing the waiting for letters with wishes.

Previously at the Royal Ban, the tradition was revived with the Pregó del Tio Piam, a colorful performance with the Carrascal Dance Group and the endearing characters of the Tirisiti.

The Magic Message of the Royal Ban 2024

The ambassador of the Magi addressed the inhabitants of Alcoy with words full of emotion and mystery, recalling the long road that Their Majesties have traveled to arrive.

The sages Melchior, Gaspar and Baltasar, guided by kites among sages and brambles, will bring magic and illusion. They warn with humor that coal awaits those who act recklessly, but above all, they invite reflection.

The little one is encouraged to play beyond the screens, while the adults are reminded of their responsibility to preserve the earth and build a sustainable, peaceful and equal world.

The Magical Arrival of the Kings of the East

Tomorrow, letters with requests will fill the mailboxes of the royal burettes, lit by the torches of the royal aides. Melcior, Gaspar and Baltasar will walk the streets with gifts, smiles and the magic that revives Alcoy every January 5th.

With the arrival of the Kings of the East, the city becomes a scene of happiness and excitement, reminding everyone that tradition, magic and illusion are still alive.

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Alcoy, January 2024

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