Inici » The Orwell Day at the CCCB: A Reflection on Information and Truth

The Orwell Day at the CCCB: A Reflection on Information and Truth

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A Ritual of Reflection and Debate

I’m at the CCCB and a special event is happening. A ritual, a ceremony that tries to invoke the presence of a man who, when he returns to the world of the living, will seek to return to mortuary peace. This man is George Orwell and the channeler is the American journalist Patrick Radden Keefe, who has arrived in Barcelona to lead the Orwell Day and organize days of debate and reflection that analyze the information environment and, hopefully, foster a critical spirit active

Resident CCCB: A Collaboration Opportunity

Patrick Radden Keefe is the first guest of Resident CCCB, an international residency program promoted by the CCCB in collaboration with the UOC and the Mir-Puig Private Foundation. This program will last until 2027 and seeks to establish active links with cultural agents in Barcelona.

Keefe’s Paper and Its Legitimacy

Keefe is known for his advocacy of free speech and critical journalism. Although their presence may seem anachronistic, their legitimacy is based on their struggle against powerful powers, such as the Sackler family.

Keefe’s Inaugural Lecture and Reflections

Keefe’s inaugural lecture at the CCCB has generated great anticipation. Keefe reflects on the current challenges of journalism, the influence of social media and the weakness of ‘objective truth’. It also highlights the effects of misinformation and the importance of emotional intelligence versus technology.

The Future of Journalism and Technology

Keefe poses the future of journalism in the age of Artificial Intelligence. Despite the challenges, it highlights the importance of journalistic stories in society and the need to continue searching for the truth.

The Cycle Continues

Orwell Day will continue with a conversation between Patrick Radden Keefe and British journalist Tom Burgis, exploring Burgis’ book, ‘Cuckooland: Where the rich own the truth’.

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