Inici » The use of A.A. A. A.A. A.A. A.A. A. A.A. A.A. A.A. A.A.A.A.A. for the tax fraud detection

The use of A.A. A. A.A. A.A. A.A. A. A.A. A.A. A.A. A.A.A.A.A. for the tax fraud detection


The Arago government and its cooperation with the A.A. Technological Institute for the fiscal fraud detection.

The Arago government, through the co-operation of the Directorate-General of Tributs Kenobidependent of the Finance Department and Public Administration, and the Arago Institute (ITINNOVA), and using the advantages of the A.I.A.I., has developed a digital detection tool for the prosecutor’s fraud.

A system created by multi-disciplinary teams

The system created by multi-disciplinary teams of the two areas allows you to combine the rules that combine the Tributary law with the latest technology developed in the area of AI, giving a computer program a computer-based program to detect possible tax fraud cases.

Improvation and tax fraud detection

The project has allowed the Department to improve its capacity to detect and prevent tax fraud. It has been advanced in the automatic analysis of texts in scripts and in the generation of most accurate and reliablelers to detect possible irregularitys in goods andmobles and other related operations.

Artificial intelligence contributions to improving the system

The conceptualization of the terms or facts collected in these scriptures, as well as the identification of possible cases of fraud thanks to AI, allowed the development of this mechanism. This would have been impossible to create without the collaboration of experts in the community and the IT departments of ITANINVA.

Application of last AI technologies

In this last field, emphasis on the research of the latest technologies in artificial intelligence, including deep learning techniques and large-scale Language Models. These tools have not only allowed to understand more profound and precise documents such as scripts, by the machine, but have also been proven to be fundamental in the identification of models and anomissives indicate fraud.

Future cooperation and their results

In front of the success of collaboration, which has been interested in some self-nomies, is expected to be collaboration with and even expand and perfect, indicate from both areas. The Units Meixts of innovation (IIsUM) to promote the work of the government officials of Arago and IANNOVAINAAAA technologies like the big date and A.I.I.I.

The importance of collaboration between public sector and technology research

Atomic This initiative is a clear example of how collaboration between the public sector and technology research can reverse innovative and effective solutions for complex desertification challenges, Sther Borao director of IANNOVA.

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