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The Monarchy Reveals the ‘Sewers’

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A Change of Wind in the Media Relationship with the Monarchy

Since the first days of the Transition, the Spanish monarchy has been remarkably well received by the media. In contrast to other European crowns, which have been subjected to critical observation, the Bourbons have enjoyed a long period of positive relations with the Spanish media.

However, the winds have changed. The scandals accumulated by the king emeritus, currently in virtual exile in Abu Dhabi, have caused destabilization. Until now, the protection around Felipe VI and Queen Letizia had been relatively effective. However, recent rumors and attacks on Queen Letizia have caused concern in Zarzuela, according to close sources.

The Revealing Book of Jaime Peñafiel

Jaime Peñafiel, renowned journalist, has caused controversy with his latest book, ‘Letícia i jo’. According to statements by Jaime del Burgo, the queen’s ex-cousin-in-law, it details romantic relationships with Letícia Ortiz since 2000. Although the Spanish press has remained silent, some foreign media, such as the British Daily Mail, have highlighted this sensational information.

Peñafiel, in a recent interview, claimed that the queen had faced fertility problems and that her sister Erika would have given her eggs to her, creating a special bond with the royal daughters. This situation would have caused tensions, even forbidding Letícia access to the Zarzuela by her sister. The journalist was fired by the newspaper El Mundo after the controversy.

Reactions to Palau Facing the Media ‘Sewers’

At the moment, in the royal residence, there is nervousness because of Peñafiel’s alleged revelations. Despite the tensions, sources suggest that there is no connection between Peñafiel and the king emeritus, Joan Carles de Borbó, who has kept his distance from the journalist. There is open talk of ‘media sewers’ to describe the heat generated by the statements.

The Consequences of Abdication and a Diplomat in Command

Jaime Peñafiel has not forgotten the way in which the current monarchs handled the abdication of the King Emeritus in 2014. This event, seen as traumatic by some supporters of the Crown, generated conspiracy theories about a forced abdication. The consequences, such as the resurgence of monarchical sentiment and the fall of Joancarlist attraction, have marked Spanish society.

In the midst of this ‘Del Burgo crisis’, there has been an expected change at the head of the Royal House. Jaime Alfonsín has given way to Camilo Villarino, an experienced diplomat with an extensive career. His appointment has surprised some political circles, as it represents a clear turn from the traditional profile. Villarino, with experience as chief of staff in foreign affairs, has worked with governments of different parties and is expected to use his skills to protect the monarchy in times of crisis.

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