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Hit the sea waste in the Canary ecosystems


The danger of sea waste

The research group for Organisms Marins (EOMAR) from the Institute of the United StatesQU at the University of La Palmas of Gran Canaria has alerted the trial that it is supposed to be the sea ecosystems that lead to plastic containers from one of the lost containers by the Toconto last 8th, 40 nautical miles from the coast of Portuguese and 20 kilometers of the border with Galicia.

According to a statement, in case they came out of the spill of skins in the Canary Islands, it would happen approximately from a year. This is how they regard the experts from the group of Oceanography and Geophysics applied (OFGY), also out of high school ECOQAAAU, which have been based on their approach to remixing this kind of waste into the marines that lead to the islands.

The presence of skins in the environment of Canarys

…the boats are not an exception, and it is not strange to find this kind of plastic waste in the sand of the beaches or deposits between rocks. It is likely that some of the Wales’ skins vaults will end up reaching the coasts of Canary, but then it will make it as an element of these marine wastes that we’re usually used to, Miguel Borjagui, a researcher by OYFGA.

The risks of the skins

The skins represent a very serious environmental problem, as they can stay a long time in the environment, between 50 and 70 years, until it degrades little in smaller particles. The danger for sea organisms is, on one hand, the physical damage that can cause their ingestion, and on the other hand, the damage that the chemicals that lead to desertification, ensures Alice Ulibarri, bimologist and Dr. Oceanography, which belongs to the EOAR group.

Hit the skins on the Spanish shore

For the high danger that has the spill and the arrival of the Spanish shores of these skins, EOMAR alaba the task they sell for years ago institutions like Good Kma Project, through their complaint and spread.

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